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    Default Grass team help

    I am currently making a grass type team and i figured to get some advice on it

    1. Florges
    EVs: 252 Sp.def/252 sp.atk/6 HP
    Nature: calm
    Item: leftovers
    ability: flower veil
    Calm mind
    grassy terrain
    flower shield
    basically the staple florges is a major annoyance. with flower sheild it can make ferrothorn a deadly wall
    2. ferrothorn
    Evs: 104 Hp/252 DEF/152 Sp.def
    Nature: relaxed
    Item: rocky helmet
    ability: iron barbs
    iron defense
    stealth rocks
    iron head
    The defensive wall of the team that with florges's flower shield can turn into a shuckle so to speak. Iron heads only there for fairy type

    3. Gogoat

    Evs: 252 atk/ 252 HP/ 6 spd
    Nature: adamant
    Ability: grass pelt
    item: weakness policy
    bulk up
    horn leech
    brick break
    The pysical attacker of the team that uses the grassy terrrain to heal itself and due to its many weaknesses it can hit back with its weakness policy

    4. leafeon
    EVs: 252 spd/ 252 ATk/ 6 HP
    Ability: chlorophyll
    Item: heat rock
    sunny day
    swords dance
    leaf blade
    Leafeon uses sunny day to activate solar power on Mega Houndoom.

    EVs: 252 sp.ATK/ 252 SPD/ 6 HP
    Nature: modest
    Item: houndoomite
    Ability: Flash Fire
    dark pulse
    nasty plot
    sludge bomb
    Houndoom is the special sweeper of the group. though it can't gain its boosts from florges its still a powerhouse with sunny day in effect

    6. dugtrio
    Evs: 252 speed/ 252 atk/ 6 sp def
    Ability: area trap
    Nature: jolly
    Item: life orb
    sucker punch
    earth quake
    stone edge

    Dugtrio increases gogoats and leafeons powers by using rototiller and packs some punch combined its high speed

    This is my team and the battles will be 2vs2 with 4 pokemon each

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    Default Re: Grass team help

    This team has a crippling weakness to flying types so you need something to deal with them quickly. Also, I might not be the most knowledgeable person about the metagame, but I think that Stealth Rock isn't as good in doubles as it is in singles, so you'd probably want to use a move like Leech Seed or Toxic.
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