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I'm really loving Shed Skin Scrafty at the moment which I decided to use after Sharking mentioned having success with it, but with Dragon Tail over Crunch (I'm a stall/hazards kinda guy). People really don't know how to handle it and when they see Bulk Up think its going to be easy to deal with special attackers, but the investment in special defence really pays off. It's won me quite a few matches to date, with some of my losses being attributed to Substitute Gengar causing issues and getting very lucky with Focus Blast hits.
I remember suggesting d-tail somewhere in the past but everybody was so busy fangasming over his coverage that they forgot that scrafty can be set-up on simultaneously by conkeldurr. Anyway, one thing I don't like about Scrafty is how he needs atleast a couple of turns to become threatening. And while his special defense is incredible, I find him vulnerable to trick and uber powerful moves like draco meteor. I never have problems with it maybe because most players I have encountered send it very early on.