GEN V: Sandstorm OU Competitive RMT.

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Thread: GEN V: Sandstorm OU Competitive RMT.

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    Default GEN V: Sandstorm OU Competitive RMT.

    Hello, terribly sorry for any posting mistakes.

    Here is my attempt at a Gen V competitive OU sandstorm team. I had originally wanted Blaziken for this, but the extreme difficulty of obtaining a decent one as well as his moronic ban to ubers ruled him out.

    I'm still working on having these bred for Wi-Fi battling, so I was hoping for advice before they're finished.

    Rex the Tyranitar, Lead.

    Adamant Nature, 24 ATK, 232 SP.DEF, 252 HP.
    Leftovers for the item. Sandstream for the ability.

    Stone Edge.
    Stealth Rock.

    My lead. Sets up stealth rock and the vital sandstorm. Uses Adamant to take down even the most defensive Reuniclus, as well as having greater offensive presence. Not 100% sure what the lowest amount of attack is to guarantee the Reuniclus kill.

    I have chosen Stone Edge over Superpower because of the stat drops, as well as having greater power. I do have doubts over my decision here, though.

    Theo the Reuniclus, calm mind sweeper.

    Relaxed nature, 252 DEF, 252 HP, 6 SP.DEF.
    Life Orb for the item. Magic Guard for the ability.

    Focus Blast.
    Calm Mind.

    The jelly bear, one of the most threatening sweepers of Gen V. He loves to play in the sand and pairs superbly with tar, thanks to amazing defensive synergy he can easily get in and set up. Life Orb is chosen as 30% free extra damage is too good to pass up. The spread is designed for maximum durability, while Relaxed is used over Bold for the rare trick room opponent.

    Meatloaf the Conkeldurr, physical attacker and check.

    Adamant nature. 252 ATK, 136 SP.DEF, 120 HP.
    Guts for the ability. Leftovers for the item.

    Drain Punch.
    Mach Punch.
    Bulk Up.

    He has obvious synergy typing and stat wise with both Reun and Tar. Besides from this, he is a vital check to weakened but boosted sweepers, and is absolutely essential to deal with opposing sand teams (killing excadrill and tars, as well as mauling most everything else).

    Starburst the Excadrill, main sweeper.

    Jolly Nature. 252 Speed, 252 ATK, 6 DEF.
    Sandrush for the ability, Balloon for the item.

    Swords Dance.
    Rock Slide.
    Rapid Spin.

    Truly, you must have seen this coming. The plan is to decimate the enemy team once sandstorm is up and the enemy checks have been weakened or knocked out. Entry hazard support from tar and ferrothorn helps a lot here, meaning he may not even need an SD under his belt. He can also Rapid Spin away costly Spikes and SR.

    Rosa the Ferrothorn, Spiker and Wall.

    Relaxed Nature. 48 DEF, 252 HP, 208 SP.DEF.
    Rugged Helmet for the item. Iron Barbs for the ability.

    Power Whip.
    Gyro Ball.
    Leech Seed.

    Absolutely loves the sand and counters the enemies of its teammates well. Spikes is essential for the sweepers to get the job done with the minimum of boosts, and it's no slouch itself offensively. Also my main check against rain teams. A brilliant all purpose wall.

    Hartley the Jellicent. Spinblocker, water check and wall.

    Bold Nature. 252 DEF, 216 HP, 44 Speed.
    Water Absorb for the ability. Leftovers for the item.


    This, as well as having amazing synergy with the rest of the squad typing wise, fills several valuable roles. Firstly, it helps deal with opposing weather teams of any kind except hail (which is almost never used). Secondly, he stops the precious Spikes from being Rapid Spinned. Finally, he helps to deal with certain key pokemon like Reuniclus and of course Scizor, who can otherwise prove quite threatening.


    I haven't been able to fully test this yet, since my breeding project is still unfinished. However, as far as I can tell this team should be able to handle most of the common GEN V OU threats. The only real problems I can think of are Scizor and possibly Reuniclus.

    Any criticism and advice hugely appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


    Thanks everyone, these EV and move changes will really help. As for Gliscor, My plan is to rely my newly Surfed Jellicent, and physically defensive Ferrothorn to deal with him. Additionally, Reuniclus lays down the hurt on most Gliscor as I understand it.

    I'll probably keep Ferrothorn as a physically defensive one, though. Not only does it help deal with Gliscor, but Ferro also serves as my main anti-dragon Pokemon and physical wall. I have adapted his EV's for better balance though (in order to help take things like weak Fire Blasts and HP Fires), and I'd like you're opinions.
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    Default Re: GEN V: Sandstorm OU Competitive RMT.

    I'd like to point out that a couple of your EV spreads seem very inefficient. Here are my suggestions:

    Conkeldurr: Adamant, 120 HP / 252 Atk / 136 SpD

    Ferrothorn: Sassy, 252 HP / 88 Def / 168 SpD

    Here are some other suggestions:
    Surf -- > Scald on Jellicent
    Specially Defensive Chople Berry Tyranitar -- > ??? Tyranitar

    With Will-O-Wisp, Scald is pretty redundant. You'll appreciate the extra power of Surf, especially when attacking things like Volcarona and Heatran.

    Usually, defensive, weather-inducing Pokemon work better than offensive variants because the extra defenses translate into much greater longevity. In matches between opposing weather teams, the team whose weather lasts the longest usually has the best chances of winning. A Specially Defensive Tyranitar can provide better overall support for your team and act as a more reliable check for Reuniclus. Here's the moveset:

    Tyranitar (M) @ Chople Berry
    Trait: Sand Stream
    EVs: 252 HP / 24 Atk / 232 SDef
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Crunch
    - Pursuit
    - Superpower
    - Stealth Rock

    Note: AFAIK, Adamant, max attack Tyranitar can never OHKO bulky CM Reuniclus.

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    Default Re: GEN V: Sandstorm OU Competitive RMT.

    How do you plan to deal with gliscor? You really cant touch it, or status it (poison heal) or even outstall it with jellicent thanks to poison heal, fling, and taunt. I suggest adding ice beam to ttar and making it a mixed set, to surprise your opponents and get rid of gliscor, leading to a excadrill or conkelldurr sweep/
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    Default Re: GEN V: Sandstorm OU Competitive RMT.

    Your biggest mistake was not Ballooning Exca. If you want a Defensive lead, or 2nd Lead, I'd go Hippowdon. I use one and constantly has he taken Ice Punch from Scrafty and Metagross. Rarely has he very been one hit. And if you run the 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpD on Hippow he can withstand most Special Attack moves. If you want to be really Risky you could run a FerroJelliZap core. It counters all 17 types in the game.
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