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    Default (Gen V OU) RMT sandstorm!

    Ok so I am creating a team and I was wondering what would be decent speed ivs on Latias? The Latias I am aiming for is
    Nature: bold
    Evs: 252 HP/ 184 Def/ 72 speed
    Calm mind
    Dragon pulse
    Will the speed even matter? As it is going to serve as a defensive bulky supporter?
    Her team mates will be as follows:

    Terrakion@choice scarf
    Nature: jolly
    Evs: 252 atk/ 252 speed/ 4 HP
    Stone edge
    Close combat
    Rock slide
    This is just a strong pokemon who is used to sweep and switch out when I can't rely on others but I shouldn't have too much of that occuring. The moves are pretty self explanitory. Dual stab, x-scissor for psychics, and rock slide if I need to use it. I did have toxic to scare off certain foes, but I never used it, and @Takaki made a much needed change to rock slide. Thank you!

    Tyranitar@choice band
    Nature: jolly
    Evs: 252 atk/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
    Ice punch
    Stone edge
    I recently changed fire punch to ice punch thanks to needed advice (Thank you @Takaki!). Now she can handle dragons! She is meant to come in and set up sandstorm for my team and keep it coming if need be. Stone edge, typical strong stab.Superpower to knock off steel types who want to wall her. Crunch for ghosts and psychics. With a choice band she can switch out and only come in for sandstorm and beat down a pokemon and switch back out.

    Nature: naive
    Ability: sand force
    Evs: 252 atk/ 252 speed/ 4 HP
    HP Ice
    Stone edge
    Stealth rock
    My answer to destroying Breloom and stealth rock support.

    Nature: jolly
    Ability: steadfast
    Evs: 252 atk/ 252 speed/ 4 hp
    Swords dance
    Close combat
    Blaze kick
    Extreme speed
    My main sweeper and I run blaze kick for scizor coverage cuz no one else on my team can handle it currently. Extremespeed is to pick off foes who have under half their health remaining if they survived a +2 close combat.

    Nature: modest
    Evs: 112 hp/ 252 sp.atk/ 144 speed
    Hydro pump
    Rotom-w is here to cover my weakness to water and fire moves. Hydro pump for a good stab. Voltswitch is a stab, but also switches out to a team mate who can handle the rotom counter. Will-o-wisp burns away at the competition and keeps away heavy physical hitters. Also, rotom-w doesn't have good recovery moves, so painsplit is the only option. The evs allow some bulk but also give it good speed, while still keeping offensive power. If a good counter without pursuit comes along, rotom-w can always voltswitch to a counter.

    This is essentially a sandstorm team, thanks to Tyranitar. Originally I wanted it to be an uber team, but that just doesn't seem realistic to me. Wouldn't you agree? So tell me how to help it please.
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    Default Re: (Gen V OU) RMT sandstorm!

    Soul Dew is banned in Latias and you want the best possible ivs in every stat.
    PM me and I'll rate your team.

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    I see. Well thanks. Any other advice? Like how does the team look? I was just wondering about soul dew because it just showed up after I caught latias on White 2.

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    Default Re: (Gen V OU) RMT sandstorm!

    Terrakion: remove Toxic from the set because it is useless with choice scarf. Instead run Rock Slide as a potential option for revenge killing if you don't need the power of Stone Edge.
    Tyranitar: run Ice Punch over Fire Punch to hit the common dragons harder and also Superpower over Earthquake.

    I can't rate a lot else because you don't list abilities or describe sets. The mods should be sticking my RMT guide up soon so you should refer to that soon if need be.

    This is an example of one of my rate my teams: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f521/welcome-eden-takakis-best-5th-gen-ou-rmt-140512/.
    PM me and I'll rate your team.

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    Ok I'll edit the post and describe why I use certain pokemon.

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    Default Re: (Gen V OU) RMT sandstorm!

    Latias: you should run the special defense evs in defense because you are boosting your special defense anyway. Having thunder there doesn't really do much for the set. Either run Roar (To phase out counter), HP Fire (To hit Genesect) or Substitute/Refresh(to block status and therefore beat Blissey). I would recommend HP fire because your team is very weak to Scizor.

    Gliscor: Sand Is banned on Pokemon Showdown so I'm presuming that this is following the Pokemon Online rules. I'd say that a Swords Dance set only really works if you are running Substitute to fully abuse sand veil. The idea being that you repeatadly sub until they miss, swords dance as they break it and then demolish them. I would recommend switching to Landorus. Its access to HP Ice, Earthquake, Stone Edge and Stealth Rocks along with its great ability allow a more offensive Pokemon that gives you better pressure against threats such as Breloom (Because it is sleeps Latias you lose).
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    PM me and I'll rate your team.

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    Well if I were to use stealth rock on Landorus, would I use it as my lead? Or would I be better off putting SR on Tyranitar?

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    Default Re: (Gen V OU) RMT sandstorm!

    You don't need a designated lead because of team preview in BW and BW2. You select the lead based on their team.
    PM me and I'll rate your team.

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    Oh well yeah, but I see a lot of people running a bulkier tyranitar as a lead. Anyhow, I was just wondering what sort of Landorus to replace my Gliscor with? Stealth rocks, earthquake, stone edge, and then HP Ice? Bulky or straight up sweeper evs?

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    Default Re: (Gen V OU) RMT sandstorm!

    Fully offensive evs with a life orb and naive nature.

    With all the genesects and dugtrios running around, running lead ttar is usually asking for trouble and you'll probably lose the weather war. If anything I would switch to a choice band set.

    Your team is weak to rain teams quite heavily, especially specs politoed and tornadus-t. For this reason, I'd stick 112 of the special attack evs on rotom-w into special defense.
    PM me and I'll rate your team.


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