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    I am a mono type gym leader of a forum and looking to test out my team against some live competition. Please post here or VM/PM me if you would like to battle, here are the rules of my league and any battle will be done with these rules and format.

    ~Hacked Pokémon are not welcome. Anyone found using a hacked Pokémon will be disqualified from the league.

    ~Battles are 6v6 and will be singles, doubles, triples, or rotation depending on the gym. The gym leaders can use whichever battle style they prefer, even if it means a different battle style for each team.

    ~All Pokémon battles will be at level 100, so everyone must raise their pokemon to that level.

    ~The following clauses are in effect:
    1.Species clause: Only one Pokémon of each species is allowed per team. (Different species possess different pokédex entry numbers.)
    2.Partial Item clause: Only one duplicate item is allowed per team.
    3.Sleep clause: You cannot put two or more different opposing Pokémon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokémon.
    4.Self-KO clause: If both players have only one Pokémon remaining, moves that KO the user are not allowed. In this situation, the user of the self-KO move will be considered the loser. If both Pokémon faint due to a move with recoil, the Pokémon that attacked last will be considered the winner.

    ~Challengers, gym leaders, and Elite 4 members may each use one (1) legend that is not on the banned list per team. For gym leaders, that legend must be of their gym's type. All breedable pokemon are allowed. No UBERS.

    ~Wonder Launcher must be set to off.
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    Default Re: Gen 5 Singles Battle

    I'll battle you, but my Pokémon aren't level 100.

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    Default Re: Gen 5 Singles Battle

    I'll battle you! :)
    Lookin for cloner! VM/PM Lifestream if interested!


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