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Thread: Favorite Pokemon Tactics :)

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    Default Favorite Pokemon Tactics :)

    So I am interested to see everyones favorite pokemon, what they use it for, The EV's it was given when trained, and what people do not expect when you use it. I will post my Current Favorites which is two.

    Salamence- Infernum
    Choice Band
    252 Attack, 252 Speed,4 Spec D
    Fire Fang
    Zen Headbutt

    Well this is my Moxie Salamence :I use him to sweep usually lol. I realize there are flaws with choice band and me using moxie but Not alot of people expect my Jolly Nature and to have Moxie. They really are not aware of Choice Band since I start with outrage and sweep like a boss. I use by other moves like fire fang, for Scizors and Ferrothorns and Forretress's. Earthquake for Poison and what not :P lol Zen Headbutt for Ghost and Fighting

    Slowking- Diplomat
    252 Spec D, 252 Spec Attack, 4 HP

    Calm Mind, Ice Beam, Slack Off, Psyshock

    My Special wall/Bilssey Killer. Great Spd and attack. I send him in against all Special attacks and people do not suspect the Psychock lol. I set one up if I know they have it because they usually switch lol Then I set up another as they tend to go Toxic and after that I Pschock kill it. They really should suspect I have it if I am Calm Minding but most of them do not so it is cool lol

    Remember this is a thread for your Favorite Pokemon and the Tactics you use. Do not Critize someone else's tactics or what they did with there pokemon. I am sure they are aware of its flaws as I am aware of these two's flaws. You may comment on how you like other's strategies or simply suggest something that might even better that pokemons strategy. Feel Free to post as many as you like as well :P
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    Default Re: Favorite Pokemon Tactics :)

    I don't want to tell you mine because they're both in my electric team! Plus one of them is in my regular OU team. lol

    Hey! I've been inactive for a long time but please message me your 3DS friend code if you read this so we can exchange safari's! I also take single battle challenges.


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