Bug and Bug-Egg-Group Team, Halp!
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Thread: Bug and Bug-Egg-Group Team, Halp!

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    Default Bug and Bug-Egg-Group Team, Halp!

    Hi All!

    I'm putting together my ultimate "Bug" team, but it's open to include bug-egg-group critters too. I'm starting all of them from eggs so I *can* EV train and hand pick abilities, but i'm letting the IVs and natures be random. I need help picking moves and finding the right sort of Synergy with my team, and holes that i'm missing. I'm not looking for UBER competition, just uber-solo-gaming with the occasional buddy battle.

    So far my Line-up consists of:

    Armaldo [stealth rock and rapid spinner?]
    Galvantula [volt switcher with gastro acid?]
    Scizor [how could i NOT]
    Volcarona [spA]

    Alternates I'm ok with:
    Drapion [Tank?]

    Any halp or advice y'all can offer would be greatly appreciated! :D

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    Default Re: Bug and Bug-Egg-Group Team, Halp!

    Volbeat is actually a very good BPasser as well as a great supporter.
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    Default Re: Bug and Bug-Egg-Group Team, Halp!

    I'd suggest running an all-out attacker on Galvantula and a typical CB set on Scizor. That will give you Volt Turn synergy. Flygon could be Scarfed and used as a revenge killer along with Scizor. I'd suggest the traditional subToxic set on Gliscor just because Bug types tend to be frail. I agree with your idea of using Armaldo as utilityl especially if you're going to be running Volcarona though I'd almost just switch it out because I'm not really a fan of using Volcarona. It is a decent boosting sweeper though, and a typical Quiver Dance set would work alright.

    Your team will have some defensive holes, but it looks decently solid to me. Of course, I've never been any good at mono-teams and the like so you may not want to take my opinion on that one...


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