Welcome to the BBL Hall of Fame, where we recognize BBL Champions and the teams they beat the Elite 4 with. This is a good place for new players to look to get ideas for their own teams or for Pokémon they might want to try out. Pleaser note that while asking questions to our Champions about why they chose the Pokémon, moves, and EVs they did is fine, this is not a RMT thread - these teams have proven themselves in battle and may or may not have been shelved already, and as such are not really open for criticism. Without further ado, congratulations to our Champions!

1st Champion of the BBL: MadRam
Entered Hall of Fame 9th March 2014

2nd Champion of the BBL: DragonEspeon
Entered Hall of Fame 17th April 2014

3rd Champion of the BBL: None yet. Come and get it. ;)