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    Alright guys. My friends and i get together once a month and have pokemon battles with a theme.This month we're doing gen battles. Meaning that each of us can only use pokemon from that gen. We added a rule that if a pokemon has a further evolution you can use that also, unless it has a branched evolution. Example: Player has 2nd gen they may use Belossum but not Vileplume. They may also use Weavile over Sneasel.
    So here is the list: I got 1st gen, my friends got 2nd 4th and 5th.(there's only 4 of us) I think i should also say we battle with our unhacked ds' so no shoddy no PO. No DW Venasur or i would totally run a sun team

    So I'm a little worried about weather (Sandstorm) not rain so much because we banned that swift swim drizzle. I was hoping you guys would have some suggestions and you guys want you can take bets and i'll let you guys know how it went ^_^. Anyway here's my idea.

    Tenatcruel (toxic spikes set)

    I figured this would be useful since my other teammates are weak to stealth rocks. I also want to be able to do some kind of entry hazards or i would totally pick Starmie it's one of my Favorites!

    Cloyster (Shell Smash set)

    Ok this thing is just a bomb. It really has destroyed whole teams and i really like ice types coverage since dragons are no doubt going to be used. I'm trying to build my team around this mostly because I got my shiny jolly one after a week and a day of hatching and named it Blue Waffle (i know i know Lame)

    Gengar (substitute + Disable set)
    Here's my good-old fashioned spin blocker since i'm sure either donphan and fortress are coming to play.Plus i'm going to try and take down the big bad fighters of 5th gen and powerful Lucario.

    Dragonite (Dragon Dance set)

    My physical sweeper who can rip apart Blissey and Priory thru some faster threats. The one i use is a little odd because i made it for another team. It's attacks are dragon dance dragon claw because i really don't like getting locked into outrage, extreme speed and earthquake because this one had fire support on its other team and i wanted it to counter pesky heatrans. So if you think i should make a new one with fire punch I'm totally cool with that.
    Maybe encase of scisor?

    Ditto ( come on now)

    Yes i have an imposter ditto. I think this will obisously be a surprise because i'm the only one who has one and can possibly use one if start getting swept by some t-tar set i can send this thing in and hopefully counter it. I would really like to use but if you guys have any other ideas i'll take suggestions.

    Venmoth (quiver dance +baton pass)

    Maybe my least conving member but I like the idea of putting some threats to sleep and bug buzzing t-tar or baton passing to Ditto or more likely Gengar. I'm pretty sure my 4th gen friend is using Empoleon and like that I can 2hko him.

    Some other pokemon maybe i would want to use would be sheer force Nidokoing as a partner for Venomoth, evolite chansey, Evolite Magenton with dual screens, or even Jolteon or Vaporeon but that seems like too much water. Another one would be Exugtor because im thinking with the quiver dance boost i can blast the ground types to bits. I'm going to do my best not to use evolve forms like Magnezone Blissey Electvire but like said if u guys think that's stupid (or the whole thing is) i am open to any suggestions.

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    I'd recommend using a few more defensive pokémon. You have the chance to use eviolite chansey, so I recommend using that as special wall. Weezing, Tangrowth and Slowbro seem to be the best choices for physical walls. Because you want a spinner, I recommend using starmie (don't use together with slowbro), because you already have chansey as a special wall.
    The rest of the team can be as offensive as you like. Just note not every pokémon have to be able to set up. One example is: ditto, gengar, dragonite. But there are, of course, many pokémon that works well in those spots.


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