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Team preview makes it much easier to predict an opponents play style, and even sets. You don't have to worry about flying types or Heatrans or ground types or whatever eating your attacks with immunities because now you know these immunities exist on your opponents team. Team preview helps certain pokes, like dugtrio, which I saw mentioned before. Others, it hurts. Zoroark would probably be much more useful without team preview cause your opponent wouldn't know you have it.
I disagree. Team preview is a double-edged sword, and while you can see their team, they can see yours, figure out your potential strategies, etc. If anything, you do now need to watch out for the Pokemon that they will keep specifically to counter your mons, and just watch out for the fact that they have the same benefits as you do.

I also disagree on the point about Zoroark. Many people dislike him but I am an avid fan, and many people theorymon about how he's technically not as good as he could be because fraility and Illusions being easy to predict, etc. But he's a part of my favourite OU team atm, and I think that team preview really helps Zoroark when you use him right. It keeps your opponent guessing, because they do know that they have him, and I've had opponents second guess themselves before based purely on team preview. I've had people try to counter a potential Zoroark scout lead, as opposed to what I actually sent out, and people trying to counter whatever my lead actually is compared to Zoroark. Team Preview really helps you play mind games with him early game, imo.
hmm... That's true about the mind games, especially if your good about who you use for the illusion. However, I think it'd be better on a no preview team, cause they don't even know it's coming. I actually may use one for a no preview frontier battler, but that's beside the point. I'm not smart enough for the mind games though. I think that strategy purely depends on what your actual lead is though. If they share weaknesses you could be done in an instant, cause they'll have both covered.