In a few weeks, I'm hosting a (very) local tournament, with the gimmick being that each player makes 5 teams of 6 Pokemon for Single Battles that are formed only with Pokemon from a single generation. (In round 1, players' teams would only consist of Pokemon numbered 001-151, round 2 would be 152-251, etc.)
Note that I am in no way a Smogonner, and the only additional rules we'll be using are basically the ones that the VGCs use: a ban on 'mascot' Legendary Pokemon (as defined by the VGCs), a variation of the GS cup's rules to allow a single 'pseudo-legendary' Pokemon (like Entei) per team, the standard Species Clause, an Item Clause that doesn't count for Berries, and the Self- & Auto-KO clauses, more for the sake of determining ties than anything else. We'll likely be using the Wonder Launcher, but that'll be put to a vote between players.
I personally think that Gen 1 prime for a Sun team, as is Gen 2 for a Rain team. Gen 3 would kind of be a toss-up, but 4 is ripe for a sand or hail team. I think Gen 5 would be amazing for Trick Room, also.
Bearing these things in mind, though, I'm personally going to make teams that don't revolve around a single mechanic, in favor of going with Pokemon I've never really used before, or, contrary-wise, my favorites. (My lv100 Dewott Shio will be in my Gen 5's team.)
What would you all use in a setup like this? I'm curious, for the sake of knowing, what people would use.
Here are my picks, in case you care:
GEN 1: Scyther (w Eviolite), Raichu, Starmie, Arcanine & Tauros. I'm resisting the urge to make a DW Farfetch'd my sixth member (which I'm sure many of you will laugh about, but I love Farfetch'd), but may end up doing it anyway if I can't think of anything else.
GEN 2: Skarmory is prolly my favorite Pokemon from Gen 2, so I'll certainly be using one, as well as an Eviolite-toting Porygon2 (which IMO is stronger than Z while holding it). Beyond it, I'm toying with the idea of a Moody Octillery or Smeargle, just to see what everyone's so terrified of. If I go with the latter, I'll teach it Judgment, Spore, Lock On and Sheer Cold as a joke.
GEN 3: Electrike, Metagross & Flygon are the only Pokemon I've decided on so far for sure. I like Whiscash, too, but Swampert does what it does better. (Too bad I don't like Swamperts...)
GEN 4: Torterra and Lucario for sure, maybe Togekiss and my Infernape/Weavile combo, too, but I've used it so much I'm kinda sick of it. Beyond that, Gen 4 didn't do much for me, so I dunno. I guess Garchomp is kinda cool, but I think a lot of its reputation is more hype than anything. (A NOTE TO THE UNIVERSE: I am NOT here to talk about whether or not Garchomp is broken, so please don't go there.)
GEN 5: (Note that many of them do not have their 'tournament' movesets yet)
Shio (Dewott)
Adamant Nature, holding Eviolite
Aqua Tail, Retaliate, Night Slash, Swords Dance

Gizmo (Galvantula)
Timid Nature, Compundeyes
Electro Ball, Thunder Wave, Bug Buzz, Agility

Polapowa (Beartic)
Brave Nature, Snow Cloak
Icicle Crash, Avalanche, Yawn, Slash

Flaardvark (Heatmor)
Hardy Nature, Flash Fire
Heat Wave, Shadow Claw, Bug Bite, Slash

Vernum (Shiny Sawsbuck)
Careful Nature, Sap Sipper, holding Big Root
Horn Leech, Return, Jump Kick, Leech Seed

...and the last member will be one of the following:
Hero (Braviary)
Jolly Nature, Sheer Force
Return, Superpower, Fly, Rock Slide

Terrazzo (Excadrill)
Jolly Nature, Sand Force
Metal Claw, Crush Claw, Earthquake, Brick Break

Hefty (Crustle)
Sassy Nature, Sturdy
Rock Slide, Iron Defense, X-Scissor, Shell Smash
[color=dark grey]Terrazzo[/color] (Excadrill)

Ononokus (Haxorus) (I just like the sound of its Japanese name.)
Adamant Nature, Rivalry
X-Scissor, Bulldoze, Dragon Dance, Dual Chop