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Thread: Rules and Tips of Multimedia Creations

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    Default Rules and Tips of Multimedia Creations

    Welcome to The Media Menagerie! In here you'll be able to share and discuss you and your fellow users' videos, music, and photographs. Have an AMV you want to share? Made an original movie? Just made a song and you want others' thoughts? Want to just share you singing well known songs? Then this is the place for you!

    The Media Menagerie has now merged with Visions of the World. Therefore, this is where you may share your photography!

    There are a few rules you need to read about before you go posting your work. If you've ever been to the other Creative Corner forums, you'll find these to be much the same.

    Rules for posting music and videos:

    1. Only post work that you created.

    While there are lots of great AMVs and and original music out there, the Menagerie is just for things you created. Please don't post the latest video that's circling YouTube. This kind of content belongs in your blog.

    2. When posting an AMV/singing a copyrighted song, credit who you got the music from.

    While linking to AMVs has always been allowed at Bulbagarden, we ask that in here you include the title and artist of the song you use. Same goes if you're singing a song written by somebody else. Failing to do so will result in a Copyright Violation infraction.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Let's Play videos or any kind of variety (such as a walkthrough) are NOW allowed to be posted. However, you MUST be a contributing member of Bulbagarden to post a Let's Play. A contributing member is someone who posts frequently.

    3. No bashing

    While constructive criticism is always okay, do not post to blatantly bash someone else's work. Doing so will result in a Flaming and Baiting infraction.

    4. No Rickrolling

    In case you don't know what this means, basically, do not post claiming this video/song is one thing, but when people click the link it turns out to be something else. Doing so will result in a Pointless Post infraction.

    5. Don't hijack someone else's thread.

    Do you have your own video or music to share? That's great! But don't post in someone else's thread just to promote your own work. This will result in a Wrong/Banned Topic infraction.

    6. No porn.

    Much like the regular rules, sexually expect material is not allowed to be shown in your videos. An Inappropriate Content infraction and immediate removal of your video will happen if you post something of that nature.

    7. Don't forget to use a prefix.

    When making a thread, don't forget to use the MUSIC or VIDEO prefix so everyone knows what you're sharing.

    8. If no one's replied to my thread yet and I have something new I want to share, can I double post?

    Yes, but you can only do this once a week. So if you have a lot of new stuff coming in the next few days, think about when to use this. Also, you can double post ONLY to promote new work. You cannot double post simply to say you are working on something. If you double (or more) post more than once week you will be given a Multiple Posting infraction.

    9. No Advertising

    Creating threads solely for advertising your work is not allowed. You are only allowed to maintain an active thread where you regularly post and update on your recent works. If you simply want to advertise, you can make a blog post about it, or put a link in your signature.

    Rules for posting photography:

    1. This is for photographs, not art. It's also not for pictures of you, or your pets.

    2. If you post something you didn't create, credit it. If you don't remember who did it, it's probably best not to post it.

    3. While you can create multiple threads, try to have a clear theme for each, and post all your pictures in that theme. For example, if you have several pictures from one event, you could create one thread for that event; then another thread for assorted pictures from a city you go too frequently.

    4. This is already in the normal rules, but of course no inappropriate content (gore, porn, etc).

    5. Use the Photography tag when posting a thread.
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    Default Re: Rules and Tips of the Menagerie

    Tips for posting your work

    Where can I go to upload my videos/music?

    The most popular place for videos is YouTube, but DailyMotion is another excellent source as well.

    For music, Tindeck is an excellent place.

    How do I post my videos and music?

    vB4 has made it very easy to share videos. Simply click on and insert the link to your video.

    For music at tindeck, you'll need to click on the get embed/link codelink and copy the "BBCode (for forums)" text. The html codes will not work.

    If you don't want to mess with all this embedding stuff, just posting the url is fine.


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