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    Default Pokemon & Sonic Remixes

    Hey all!

    Here, you find my massive collection of Pokemon & Sonic Remixes.
    It contains individual Remixes, Medleys, and even full Remix Albums!

    Host: MediaFire


    For all communities outside of YouTube & SoaH City, the following applies:
    Please visit http://www.youtube.com/user/Senzune and refer to the Channel Description at the left.


    You can contribute to the collection!
    How, you may ask?
    Each time I reach an amount of 100MB-200MB worth of remixes,
    I’ll upload a pack to MediaFire.
    So, if you found a great remix, feel free to send a link!


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    Cool [Torrent] Secret Stage & Missing Number - Sonic & Pokemon Remixes!


    "Secret Stage & Missing Number", a collection containing 1871 remixes of Sonic & Pokemon games, has been released!
    There is some pure beauty in these remixes, especially the ones you haven't heard.

    Check out http://www.youtube.com/user/Senzune for previews!
    Be sure to press "Like" every now and then. ;)

    Download: http://senzune.deviantart.com/art/Secret-Stage-Missing-Number-201682241
    If you're a member of DeviantART, please add this to your favourites.

    It's a Torrent, so please be patient. It's about 8 GB of awesomeness so it comes at a cost. ;)

    Enjoy! :D


    Want to support Secret Stage & Missing Number?
    Torrents require people who have 100% of the files and who continue to upload.

    I'd really appreciate your help.
    If you're interested in becoming an Official Seeder, send me a message at YouTube or note at DeviantART and you'll be featured!


    Bulbagarden exclusive message: I read the thread about art theft, but I'm not quite sure if this applies to me, as I only share an archive of works by others. All files shared through the torrent are licensed with Share-Alike licenses or less restricted, meaning I'm allowed by copyright law to share these as long as all the artists remain credited for, which they are since the ARTIST tag in all mp3 files are intact and correct.

    Other than that, enjoy fellow Pokemon fans ^^.


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