Good afternoon everybody!

As this is my first time posting and after reading the forum rules, i'm (95%) certain i've posted this thread in the right location aha!

So let me introduce myself.
My name is Dan, i'm 24 and from the United Kingdom.
I'm glad to be a new member of these forums!

I wanted to share this song that one of my newest clients (and housemate!) has covered, as he really wants the Pokemon community to support him!

This is the theme for the Champion Battle from the classic Red/Blue/Yellow generation.

I have provided a link to the song, that has been uploaded to that popular video website the kids are using these days!
I hope to hear your thoughts on this, and as always if this post is going against any rules of the forum, please delete/move as required ( I wont hold it against you! )

Here is the link: Champion Battle Theme Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Metal Cover - YouTube

Thanks again for your time, any questions feel free to ask or if you have any recommendations for songs for my good friend to cover, please be my guest and post them!

Over and out!