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    Default My Pokemon Y Playthroughs >.< made... er....

    Nevermind. I decided to do a Playthrough with Pokemon Y. Every time I make a new episode, I'll try to remember to put it here. If you have any suggestions or comments, you can put them here, or on the actual YouTube page itself. Well... not much more to say here. First episode!

    From Not-So Humble Beginnings

    (The main reason I''m doing this... if you look up "Pokemon Y Playthrough, odds are my videos will be the last one you see.)

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    Default Re: My Pokemon Y Playthroughs >.<

    I'm here with Episode 2:

    I Already Know this Garbage!

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    Default Re: My Pokemon Y Playthroughs >.<

    Episode 3:

    Bug-Types are Underwhelming

    (P.S. Does anyone know where I can get a screen recorder that WON'T risk me screwing up my system?)


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