Hey, I'm a singer who likes to rewrite the lyrics of Japanese songs in english, and then I cover them and post them on Youtube. I had a thread similar to this one, but it was so unorganized and had a lot of videos I've deleted. I decided to erase that thread and create a new one from it's ashes. I'm perfectly open to critique, but no trolling. I'm also open to requests, both English and Japanese (But bear in mind, just because you request it, doesn't mean I'll sing it.)

Song List!

Thousand Enemies (LiSA, from Angel Beats!)

My Soul, Your Beats! (Lia Version) (Lia, Angel Beats! OP)

My Soul, You're Beats (LiSA Version) (LiSA Angel Beats! OP for Episode 4)

Oath Sign (LiSA, Fate/Zero OP)

Crossing Field (LiSA, Sword Art Online OP)

Super Driver (Aya Hirano, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Upcoming Projects:

Innocence (Eir Aoi)

Again (Yui)

To The Beginning (Kalafina)

Calendula Requiem (Kanon X Kanon)

Reason (Nami Tamaki)