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Thread: Multimedia Help and Tip Thread

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    Default How do you remix!

    I'm trying to remix pokemon music with FL Studio 10,but so far none of the tutorials help or I can't understand. Can someone put it into what a beginner could understand?
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    Default Re: How do you remix!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flare's flash View Post
    I'm trying to remix pokemon music with FL Studio 10,but so far none of the tutorials help or I can't understand. Can someone put it into what a beginner could understand?
    I learned everything I know from this series: Video 01 - FL Studio Tutorials Beginner to Pro - YouTube

    I have yet to find a better video tutorial series, and this one does a great job of breaking everything down. I started with knowing nothing, and this guy helped a ton. For your first few months of making music you are probably going to spend as much time learning as you do actually composing/remixing. Take your time, using any music-making program will take a while to learn so be patient. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Multimedia Help and Tip Thread

    In an advice-giving mood so I'm going to give some tips on composition to a certain extent.
    Music is often regarded as a language, so the first step is having something to say. Not necessarily an English message, like a song saying "Go get me a sandwich" but more of a mutual message that is only conceivable through music, if you get what I mean.

    Obviously the second step is to get some basic chords down. Now before you go straight to the keyboard, think about this: do you know your basic scales back to front? This would mean major, minor, their respective pentatonic scales and blues scales. If you don't, don't worry just yet. Most pop songs follow some basic progression patterns such as I - V - VI - III just to name one.

    Once the chords are done, you can probably start thinking about melody and rhythm. If you have a bass guitar or double bass or a cello then great; if you don't then just the lower end of the keyboard. A very common bass line is just root notes on a steady beat. So say if your chords are C - G - Am - E (a basic progression) then the bass line would just be the root notes of each chord (which is the same as the name of the chord) on the beat. Nothing to hard.

    The melody is where it starts to get interesting. The key is C major in this example, so the C major scale is just all the white notes. No sharps or flats. To apply this to a melody, what you will want to do is write a riff in the C major scale, but base it on and around the chord progression. This will make it sound more harmonic and not just random. Keep in mind Step one, where you need to have a message to say.

    Bingo, a pretty basic song right there. If you have experience in theory like this, perhaps you could use the major modes, those being Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian. To start you off, the Dorian sounds quite jazzy or funky, whilst the Phrygian sounds Spanish/Central American. The Locrian is a very dramatic, tense scale whilst the Mixolydian is in essence a 7 scale, which is popular in all kinds of music.

    Of course, if you don't want anything to do with theory you could just wing it and use what you already know from experience alone. There's a lot of artists today who do that. But in my opinion, you are only really a musician once you can do this.

    P.S. to all the mods, would I be able to start a thread with tips and tricks on intermediate/advanced theory?
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    Default Re: Multimedia Help and Tip Thread

    Αny tutorial/tips about how can I make collages with animated gifs like this?
    Note that I want to use animated gifs I already downloaded from other sites. And when I open them to Photoshop I don't see any frames at the animation window.

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    Default Re: Multimedia Help and Tip Thread

    So I want to learn how to play something resembling actual music on my keyboard. I focused primarily on my singing and messing around in High School, so I haven't practised much on a piano or keyboard in this regard. The thing is, I have financial constraints on me so I can't pay for professional piano lessons, and the sites I've found online so far rely heavily on images, which doesn't help me since I'm blind. I also don't like the idea of listening to audio on these sites because I have a limited data plan with my internet provider. My question is, is there a site out there that gives detailed descriptions of the techniques required to practice on a keyboard instead of images and flash content? If not, is there someone who frequents this section who might be willing to help me out in private if it isn't too much to ask?
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    Default Re: Multimedia Help Thread

    Ok then, I guess I'll just plop down in here for a while!

    So considering I'm on a super-tight-budget, I don't have a 3DS XL Capture Card to record battles with and don't have any nice editing software better than Movie Maker. Instead I have to point a camera at my screen to record. Fortunately, I've managed to rig a setup that holds the camera in place so that I don't have shaky footage.
    I've also gone and upgraded my recording format using a desktop image background to make room for a webcam overlay that doesn't obstruct the battle, in hopes I can perform better as an announcer.

    General thoughts? Suggestions? I'm looking for ways to improve the quality of the work. Examples of the old style are on my channel, while the new background-format I tried is the most recent (audition for VGC). I just know I could use some help and figure a thread full of video-people might be a good place to get it!

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