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    Default Media Menagerie Review Exchange

    Welcome all musicians/video creators to the Review Exchange thread!

    There are many talented artists and video creators that post in the Media Menagerie section, but due to inactivity, our artists do not receive many reviews. If you are an artist and want your music or video to be reviewed more often, this thread is for you!

    This thread is similar to the Review Exchange thread in the Writer’s Workshop, and will work in the same manner.

    How does it work? Sign up here by either replying to this post or PMing one of the Menagerie Mods, and we will add your name to the list. If you want, you can provide a link to a specific work that you want reviewed, or, you can just state that you want general reviews for your thread.

    So, when you want someone to review your work, choose one of the people on the list and review their work. Then, in return, the person you reviewed will return the favor by reviewing your work. If you sign up for this, please be prepared to review work of people who ask for it.
    Make sure your reviews are well written and constructive.

    1. Octy: Octy's covers
    2. AetherX: AetherX's Music (EDM and some other stuff)
    3. The Puppetmaster: Shades of Puppetmaster
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