LEVEL MUSIC (Original Music on Super Nintendo Soundfonts)

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Thread: LEVEL MUSIC (Original Music on Super Nintendo Soundfonts)

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    Exclamation LEVEL MUSIC (Original Music on Super Nintendo Soundfonts)

    Hey! I'm Maxo, I'm on Bulbagarden all the time, but never really on the forums. This is a project I've been working on since last November. It's 45 tracks worth of original music written as a tribute and an emulation of Super Nintendo music. Eventually I'd like to add more material and make a full soundtrack's worth of music to create a game around, but for now, I've got about 2 hours worth of material for free download here:


    It would be sweet if you checked it out, let me know what you think!

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    Default Re: LEVEL MUSIC (Original Music on Super Nintendo Soundfonts)

    Great job! I'm enjoying listening to these.

    1-1 has this nice, eerie mood to it that's very fitting of an underwater theme.
    1-2 has a good beat. Nothing extraordinary, but nice nonetheless.
    1-3 catches my attention from the very start; vivid and unique. I think this one is my favorite.
    1-4 is catchy and easygoing.
    1-5 sounds like Church music at first. Pipe organ! XD A good start that progresses smoothly into the rest of the song. I like how the organ recurs throughout the song. I would have liked a bigger finish, however.

    These sounded very lovely! I hope you continue mixing; you certainly have talent.


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