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Thread: Katelynn's Music Thread

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    Default Katelynn's Music Thread

    Awhile back, I needed some music for a project that I no longer work on. I'm not a musical expert, so these probably aren't that great. My earlier works definitely aren't.

    Some of these are collaborative works between me and a friend. I'll have to go through them someday to list the specific ones, but for now and for reference, this is the person I did the collaborative stuff with.

    I'll be listing them by the series the music came from. I'd list the authors as well, but most of them are ripped straight from ROMs and uploaded to midi file sites. I can't credit people like that in good conscience, they didn't do any work. Those that were custom made are credited.

    -- Advance Wars: Dual Strike --
    Andy's Theme (Fileden :: Youtube)
    Sami's Theme (Fileden :: Youtube)

    -- Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney --
    The Magic Girl V1.0 (Youtube)
    The Magic Girl V3.0 (Fileden :: Youtube)

    -- Final Fantasy V (Japan) --
    Overworld 1 (Youtube) - Original Midi by Andrew Thompson

    -- Golden Sun/Golden Sun: The Lost Age --
    Altin Caves V1.0 (Youtube) - Original Midi by Malice X
    Altin Caves V2.0 (Fileden)
    Vale (Youtube)

    -- Golden Sun: Dark Dawn --
    Kolima Forest (Fileden)

    -- The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker --
    The Great Ocean V1.0 (Youtube) - Original Midi by Leu
    The Great Ocean V2.0 (Youtube) - Original Midi by Leu

    -- Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen --
    Sevii Islands: Route 41 (Fileden)

    -- Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire --
    Littleroot Town V1.0 (Youtube)
    Littleroot Town V2.0 (Fileden)
    Route 104 (Youtube)
    Route 120 V1.0 (Youtube)
    Route 120 V2.0 (Fileden)
    Slateport City V1.0 (Youtube)
    Verdanturf Town (Fileden)

    -- Pokemon Diamond and Pearl --
    Route 201 (Youtube)

    -- Pokemon Gold and Silver --
    Goldenrod City (Fileden) - Original Midi by Andy Smith

    -- Ristar --
    Planet Freon: Ring Rink (Youtube) - Original Midi by Teck

    -- Sonic 3/Knuckles --
    Hidden Palace Zone (Youtube) - Original Midi by Sonic Master

    -- Sonic 4 --
    "Splash Cat Zone: Caitlin's Monumental Waste of Time" (Fileden) - Original Midi by Cinossu (I believe, I'll have to double check this one)

    -- Unknown Source or Authors --
    The Ocean Depths (Fileden :: Youtube)

    There are over two dozen files in my WIP folder which I should get around to finishing. More will come soon, hopefully. I'm also looking to branch out into entirely custom compositions, but I'm not musically gifted in the slightest. At least not in ways that I can easily transform into stuff like this.

    So, thoughts, comments, criticisms? I'm open to all.

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    Default Re: Katelynn's Music Thread

    Listened to them all, and I think you did a nice job with everything. I thought all the songs fit with the themes you gave them, and all were pleasant to my ears. ^^ My only critique is that some of the first few pieces aren't of as good quality as others, but I don't think that's your fault or anything.

    Keep up the great work! :)

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    Default Re: Katelynn's Music Thread


    Have you heard "Eternal Bond" from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn? Also known as Ike's Theme on SSBB. I'd recommend it for you.
    Look, I make music! Yay!


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