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    Lightbulb Kakuna Rattata (Lyrics only)

    Watchog as Timon
    Pignite as Pumbaa
    Shinx/Luxio/Luxray as Simba

    Watchog: Kakuna Rattata! What a wonderful team!
    Pignite: Kakuna Rattata! Ain't no passing meme!
    Watchog: It means I'll catch you, all 649 ways
    Both: We'll take down a Combee, with strategy...
    Watchog: Kakuna Rattata!

    (instrumental as Watchog talks to Shinx about some stuff)

    Watchog: Why when he was a young Tepig...
    Pignite: When I was a young TEPIIIIIIIIG!
    Watchog: Very nice.
    Pignite: Thanks
    Watchog: he found his Flamethrower lacked a certain appeal, he would burn all Unova after every meal
    Pignite: I'm a sensitive soul, though I have Thick Fat... And it hurt when my friends hit me with Close Combat. And oh, the shame.
    Watchog: He was ashamed
    Pignite: Thought of changing my nickname!
    Watchog: Can you do that?
    Pignite: And a fire started
    Watchog: Did it burn?
    Pignite: Every time that I-
    Watchog: Hey! Pignite! He's unevolved!
    Pignite: Oh, sorry

    Both: Kakuna Rattata, what a wonderful team! Kakuna Rattata, ain't no passing meme!
    Shinx: it means I'll catch you, all 649 ways!
    All: We'll take down a Magby, with strategy! Kakuna Rattata

    (fairly long instrumental as Shinx evolves into Luxio, then into Luxray)

    Luxray: It means I'll catch you, all 649 ways!
    All: We'll take down a Blissey, with strategy! Kakuna Rattata, Kakuna Rattata...

    Pignite: I choose Kakuna!
    Watchog: I choose Rattata!

    It's a parody of Hakuna Matata, if you couldn't tell.

    I haven't recorded it, and the are currently no plans for it, but I wanted to share this here. Anyone can record it if they want so long as they give me credit.

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    Default Re: Kakuna Rattata (Lyrics only)

    This is better suited for the blogs.


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