MUSIC: "Funky Beatz", A melody from another dimension~

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Thread: "Funky Beatz", A melody from another dimension~

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    Exclamation "Funky Beatz", A melody from another dimension~

    This is the weirdest and most ear-catching song I've heard in like three years. It's actual name is unknown to me, so if you know what it is, please tell me and I'll fix the title . However, I have come up with an unofficial name for it: Funky Beatz. I heard this song on a web development how-to video on YouTube, so I downloaded it and extracted the audio — viola, here we have the most bubbly and (I think) pseudo-psychedelic melody that I've heard in a while .

    Click here to download the MP3 from MediaFire, and thanks .

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    Default Re: "Funky Beatz", A melody from another dimension~

    The Media Menagerie is a place where you post work that only you created, not someone else's work. Hence, this thread is closed.


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