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    Cool Ever made a movie? [PG-13]

    (Not sure if this is the best forum since I don't usually lurk into this part of the site, but hey here goes.)

    Well, have you guys ever made a movie or short film? My friends and I have made a few (which *cough* have won their fair share of awards as well).

    What do you think is the most fun, or the hardest, part about making your own short film? Do you have any tips for budding filmmakers? Do you have any videos you'd like to share and get feedback on to improve your filmmaking? Or maybe you're planning something to make in the future?

    Well, to start here's a six-minute short a group of friends and I made for a 48-hour film competition earlier this year. The premise is four guys discussing their dream girlfriends while their friend, a girl, waits for her mystery date. We won a prize for "best robot sex scene with a maid"... so if you think you might get offended by that, you may want to avoid the link above. If not, feel free to give feedback. (Although as I said, it was written, filmed, and edited within 48 hours so it's not exactly Oscar-winning material or anything :P )
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    Default re: Ever made a movie? [PG-13]

    @The dark lord trombonator This fits Media Menagerie best. I'll move it for you.


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