PHOTOGRAPHY: Bulbagarden's Photographic Expedition

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Thread: Bulbagarden's Photographic Expedition

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    Default Bulbagarden's Photographic Expedition

    The title is not entirely mine so don't judge me

    Just post your pics of your encounters with animals of any size. Doesn't matter what kind of environment you took it either. Just post pics :p

    I don't have much to contribute in the start, but...

    A frog I encountered at work at my dad's place.

    And a city squirrel I came across in the front of the flat I'm living in.

    This is as close as I could get without scaring it away.

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    Default Re: Bulbagarden's Photographic Expedition

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulweaver View Post
    The title is not entirely mine so don't judge me

    Nice pics you got there, the frog was in a pretty good place and the squirrel is very cute!

    Anyway! Finally a place to post those pictures of mine who had been gaining dust, haha. Let's start with some pics of one of my "winged obsessions", seagulls!

    A brown seagull who seemed to want all the focus.

    The closest I managed to get of a seagull portrait.

    A group of seagulls and, um, a random dude.

    Another brown seagull, tidying its nest.

    They fly pretty fast, this was the best I could get from a seagull in movement.

    Well, not completely true. I managed to get another one, but the angle isn't as good.

    I hope you liked them! ^^


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