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    Default Easter Capture Contest: Airik

    You arrive at the National Park, having come for a new event released to welcome Spring. Perhaps you came via the boat that ferries people to the famed island, or maybe you rode a trusted Pokemon. Perhaps you were Teleported. Either way, you find yourself at the Docks, and from there you are escorted to your destination of the Great Lakes. When you arrive, you see a young woman with long blonde hair and a red Ranger outfit waiting for you. Beside her is a white-and emerald serpent nearly twice as long as the woman is tall. The woman smiles at you and approaches, her partner following close behind her.

    "Hello, my name is Trainer Sara. I'll be following along behind you for this run, just to make sure things don't get too crazy. Don't mind me, I'll only make my presence known if I need to step in or you decide you want to talk. Now then, let's get started, shall we?"

    She then walks by you and continues on until she's about ten feet behind you. She nods at you, an indication to begin, and you don't waste a minute. You head off, walking the warm sands of the Lakes, and you barely walk more than five minutes when a purple-blue frog abruptly bursts out of one of the large ponds to your right. It doesn’t seem to have exited the water for any particular reason, as it just looks around for a moment as red pouches on its cheeks constantly inflate and deflate. It seems, for some reason, to completely ignore you as it peers around. Despite the Croagunk’s strange behavior, there’s a chance it might make a good addition to your team.



    Name: Airik Stormgrad
    Location: Great Lakes
    Area Effects: 4 Encounters Remaining | Croagunk Encountered | No Captured Pokemon
    Items: 3 Park Balls; 2 Super Balls; 1 Hyper Ball; 2 Lava Cookies, 2 Energy Powders, 1 PokeDoll
    Pokemon: Male Jellicent @ Cursed Body & Ems Surf, Waterfall, Giga Drain, Pain Split, Magic Coat, Hidden Power (Ghost), Ice Beam, Psychic, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Trick Room, Substitute, Taunt, Psych Up, Will - O - Wisp, Scald, and Sludge Wave

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