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Ranger: Gaius Tyrannius
Trainer: Daniel
Area: Enigma Ruins
NBP #1

It was time for another venture into the mysterious Enigma Ruins, a place where all Pokemon visited and it created illusions. It made for an interesting visit, but it was a pure crapshoot in terms of luck if compared to the other areas. Voice Disks and Repellants also didn’t work here, leaving every encounter up to pure luck without a chance of influencing it.

The person I was taking was taking the special run. The special run was where the park allowed the trainers to explore the Ruins, but with the bonus of not running into any high ranked Pokemon, only basics. There was a special repellant that would only allow the younger Pokemon to get near. It made for some easy Pokemon to catch, but there was a trade off of certain Pokemon not being included, like Drilbur and other basic Pokemon that were really rare.

Many people thought the trade off was a good deal and already thirteen people had taken the park up in the event, another person had gone in without the deal, choosing to run into the higher Pokemon. So far it seemed that people liked the Ruins, and this would be my third trip there in the last month.

I checked to make sure all I had all my supplies and walked over to the teleporter, plugging in the area I wanted to visit. A moment later I was standing outside the looming metal gates guarding the Ruins from any Pokemon poachers that tried to sneak in. I did a last check on my materials and settled down to wait for Daniel to show up, a person who I had never rangered for.


Trainer Info

Name: Daniel
Location: Enigma Ruins
Trainer Items: Park balls x 2, Superball x 1,Hyper Ball x 2, Max Potions x 2, Digital Camera, Pokeplayer, Opened Escape Package[Poketoy], Soothing Fragrance Max, Calming Fragrance Plus
Area Effects: 20 Encounters Remaining |
Pokemon Encountered:
Pokemon Captured:
CC since last encounter: 0,000 | 0,000

Pokemon Stats:
Brave | Male | Hydreigon @ Levitate w/ EMs: TM hidden Power (Rock), TM Thunder Wave, TM Flamethrower, TM Focus Blast, BM Dark Pulse, BM Earth Power, HM Surf, TM Charge Beam, TM U-Turn, TM Reflect, MT Draco Meteor | 100%

Gentle | Female | Chandelure @ ??? w/ EMs: TM Toxic, TM Solarbeam, TM Psychic, TM Fire Blast, TM Substiute, TM Hidden Power (Electric), TM Sunny Day, TM Protect, TM Calm Mind, TM Taunt, TM Flame Charge, TM Flamethrower, TM Energy Ball, TM Trick Room, BM Acid Armor, BM Haze, BM Clear Smog | 100%

Bashful | Male | Sceptile @ Overgrow w/ EMs: TM swords dance, TM bullet seed, TM solarbeam, TM substitute, TM Earthquake, TM Acrobatics, MT mimic, BM synthesis, TM Hidden Power (electric), MT Thunderpunch, TM Brick Break, BM Leech Seed, MT Counter | 100%