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    Default vBulletin 5

    Quote Originally Posted by Archaic

    Bulbagarden will likely be transitioning to vBulletin 5 sometime either late this year, or early next year. As such, we'd like to avoid installing additional addons on the forums at this time. That's not to say that you can't suggest something, but unless we think it's likely that we'd be able to get that functionality back in vBulletin 5, we're unlikely to leap at an addon.
    Do you seriously want to use (much less, spend money on) the cluster fuck that is vB5? For those who aren't aware, there is currently a demo forum out for the beta (that naming is a joke, really; this is more of a pre-alpha than anything).

    For the interested parties, this is what you can look forward to, if Bulbagarden upgrades.
    Currently looking for help with a web project. If interested in more details, please feel free to PM me!

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    Default Re: vBulletin 5

    vBulletin have explained time and again that what they mean by Beta is different to what is usually meant by beta. For them with vBulletin 5, beta means basically "watch live development". So vBulletin 5 as we see it currently is months away from Gold, and still not feature complete. To point to what's currently up there (which is akin to what most other companies would call an Alpha or even Pre-Alpha build) and suggest in any way that it reflects the final product is really stretching the truth.

    vBulletin 5 will, for us...
    1. Make changing layouts and skinning significantly easier
    2. Completely overhaul the search system to facilitate easier content discovery by our users
    3. Integrate a number of things we currently use (unreliable) 3rd party free addons for into the software as base features, meaning support for problems we've had with them won't be as hit and miss as things have been in the past
    4. Create a proper integrated gallery system, meaning we can discard the current 3rd party one we use which really hasn't aged well

    Etc, etc.
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