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    Hi everyone, I'm Harpuia, and I just registered on the forum.

    First of all, i've seen bulbapedia page for years, reading about tons of pokemon stuff, and I think I would help on some things 'cause I know a lot about the game and things like that. Anyways, my question is: Can I help to edit things about the pages? like the information about the 6th gen, I know there's some missing information, or information that is already revealed or stuff like missing sprites of 6th gen pokemon and of course, the missing fairy type sprite for the TM (AKA dazzling gleam one) I can made by myself if you let me. Please, if anyone can answer me, or if I can help on finishing that pages let me know :D thankes in advice!


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    You'd need to get the sprite from a clear screenshot and shop the bg. You should be fine so long as you ask if the info is needed first. That's what I do, and I've had no issues so far.

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