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    Default Multiquoting and Editing Posts

    Hi, dearest Bulbagarden member!

    I'm here today to explain two very useful forum features, which will help you avoid double-posting as well as add or remove content from your posts.


    Firstly, the Multiquote feature allows you to reply to several posts with just one simple button. The Multiquote button is situated to the right of the normal Quote button. If you pass your mouse pointer over it, there's a little tooltip that tells you "Multi-Quote This Message".

    In the Erika's Garden forum skin (which is the default one), it has the picture of Weepinbell.

    Attachment 16701

    In the picture above (click to enlarge), I have marked the Multiquote buttons. A clicked Multiquote button will change color to tell you that it already saved that post as a quote for next time you hit the Reply button at the bottom of the thread.

    In the Erika's Garden forum skin, the button changes from having a green background to having an orange background.

    When you next click on the Reply button or even a normal Quote button, you will be taken to a normal post screen, where all your posts selected for multiquoting will automatically appear for you to reply to them too.

    Attachment 16702

    That's all on Multiquoting! Feel free to ask about the issue in this topic!


    Now, on to the second issue: Editing your posts. When you have made a mistake, or you want to add another reply to someone else, or even want to delete your post, you can always edit it. The Edit button is set to the left of the Quote button in any post you've made, and in most skins it should say "Edit" too.

    In the Erika's Garden forum skin, it says "Edit" and has the picture of a Gloom.

    Attachment 16699

    Once you click the Edit button, you'll be taken to a small version of the Post screen, where you are given the option to rewrite your message as you see fit (add an idea to your post, remove a line or two, and so on). If you want to see the full Post screen, you can press the Go Advanced button.

    When you're done editing, and you like your post like that, you can press the Save button (leftmost button), which will then show you your edited post. If you're done editing, but you don't like it, you could press the Cancel button (rightmost button), so it won't save any changes you've made and will return you instead to your original post.

    There's also the Delete button (left of the Cancel button), which allows you to delete your post after you have confirmed that you truly want to delete it, which is a safety measure in case you pressed the button by mistake.

    Attachment 16700

    And that would be all on Editing Posts! Again, feel free to ask if any doubts remain on this issue!


    Thanks for reading this small tutorial, dearest Bulbagarden member You might want to visit the Forum Rules next.
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