Fonts and Sizes are infringing on my rights

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Thread: Fonts and Sizes are infringing on my rights

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    Default Fonts and Sizes are infringing on my rights

    The dropdown menus for fonts and sizes are unhighlight text when clicked on. Is this happening to anybody else? It wouldn't be a problem if a whole post or blog entry were to be resized or stylized, but trying to do it to single sentences or phrases can be annoying.

    I could just remember how to code it all, but this is a general question about user-friendliness. ;)
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    Default Re: Fonts and Sizes are infringing on my rights

    Just an fyi, for everyone:

    [size=x]Text here![/size]

    [font=x]Text here![/font]

    With x being the variable, in this case the size or font respectively.
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