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Thread: Dawn skin for the forum

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    Post Dawn skin for the forum

    since this area is finally open to members ideas i feel we need to get a Dawn skin Developed for the Dawn fans on the forum the Dawn fans are starting to feel left out since there is skins for misty (Misty's cerulean blues), may (Haruka's Joy), Harley (Harley's appeal) i feel like the other Dawn fans on here that there should be a skin for the Dawn fans i have had this request in the past but in other parts of the forum before this area was open to members and was hoping this would be approved for addition to the forum please accept it it would be appreciated to current active dawn fans along with new coming Dawn fans into the bulbagarden family
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    Default Re: Dawn skin for the forum

    You already posted this in the skin development forum. We only have a few people working on skins for the site, and they will get to things when they can.


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