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    Default Bulbapedia standard documentation template

    Wikipedia has a green "documentation" box that is used with all of their templates. It's so that users of the templates can
    • see where, when and why the template is used,
    • look at the list of parameters for using the template to its fullest potential,
    • get visual examples of how possible inputs reflect the template, and
    • be relieved of bugging the user who made the template or asking on the talk page about how to use it!

    I was thinking that it would be nice for Bulbapedia (maybe extending to the Archives and News as well) to have a similar documentation box that would grab everything from a centralized subpage—/doc—of a template and put it all at the bottom of the page in a universally-recognizable format so the four benefits above (plus others) can be extended to Bulbagarden.

    If you don't get where the documentation would be placed, here's two examples:
    Regardless of the template, you would add /doc at the end to find the documentation subpage.

    I'm all ears and would love to get this going.
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    Default Re: Bulbapedia standard documentation template

    This is not a forum thing. however, I passed this on to the Bulbapedia staff and they are currently discussing this idea.


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