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    Default Bulbagarden Mobile Apps

    Bulbagarden currently aims to release two mobile apps within the next month.

    1: Bulbagarden Mobile Pokédex
    We have been in talks with an app developer, and are currently just sorting out some of the final details for how this will work. Features include comprehensive searchable profiles of all Pokémon, moves and abilities.

    2. Bulbagarden Forums Mobile
    We will be obtaining a license for the vBulletin mobile suite, and will launch this to the public at the same time as we make the upgrade to vBulletin 4. Please see the following links for more info on how this app works.

    In the future, we hope to release more mobile apps, but these two will likely form the cornerstones of whatever we do there. The Pokédex will be iPhone only initially, with Android coming later. The forums will be iPhone and Android from the very beginning.

    This thread is being posted already locked, but will remain in place as a location for any future announcements of app development, and/or to be reopened in future for discussion of apps proposed by the community that we actually start work on. If you want to discuss these specific apps, for now please either post in the Grotto or use your blogs.
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