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Thread: Bulbagarden F.A.Q.

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    Default Bulbagarden F.A.Q.

    Welcome to the Bulbagarden Forums F.A.Q. If you haven't already, be sure to check the Forum Use Guide for answers to your questions. If you can't find an answer, your question may be included here. Use the CTRL+F key combination to search for keywords which may be included in your questions.

    If you guys have any additional questions/answers you think should be included here, feel free to post them here. If you guys have any actual questions concerning anything involving the forum, feel free to start a new thread in this subforum.


    Q) What does BMG and BMGf stand for?
    A) Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden (Forums).

    Q) What's a "forum", anyway?
    A) A website where people can communicate with one another. The term "forum" is either used to refer to the entire message board, or individual sections of the message board, like the Garden Grotto.

    Q) Where are the rules located?
    A) In the announcements forum; or just click here.

    Q) What's up with Mozz's username?
    A) Read through this thread for the answer.

    Q) How could I make sure my signature is line with the rules?
    A) You can get your signature checked here.

    Q) How do I become a mod?
    A) Make good contributes and avoid getting infractions. That's the jist of it.

    Q) I got an infraction for double posting!
    A) Posting two messages in a row in the same thread generally isn't allowed.

    Q) But what if I have more to say?
    A) Edit your posts to make amendments, or use the multi-quote feature to reply to several comments at once.

    Q) What can I do about a member who pisses me off?
    A) You can either report his or her's rule-breaking posts, or add the member in question to your ignore list.

    Q) I'm having problems with the IRC chat...
    A) Your problems may be addressed here.

    Q) How can identify members of staff?
    A) Mods are identified by an italicized name, super mods by a bolded name, and admins by a bolded and italicized name.

    Q) What's the difference between them?
    A) Mods run specific forums and subforums. Super mods have moderator powers throughout the entire forums. Admins can do everything, from changing the layout of the forums to adding and removing forums.

    Q) Where can I find a list of staff?
    A) Here's a list of all the Bulbagarden staff members.

    Q) How can I change my avatar, signature, details, or options?
    A) Through your User CP.

    Q) I have ideas I'd like to share to help the forum improve.
    A) We have a Development Forum exclusively for that purpose.

    Q) Why do some users have a crossed-out username?
    A) That means they were banned. Don't end up like them!

    Q) I can't change the name of my social group.
    A) You'll have to ask a super mod or admin to do so.

    Q) How do get an image to show up?
    A) Wrap the link to the picture in an [img] tag and an [/img] tag.

    Q) How do I code an image to link to a website?
    A) [url=weblink][img]picturelink[/img][/url]

    Q) How do I add a poll to a thread I've already created?
    A) Thread Tools > Add a Poll.

    Q) How do I include content within spoilers?
    A) Click the spoiler tag button or wrap the content with [spoiler] and [/spoiler].

    Q) How do I donate?
    A) We're currently not accepting any donations.

    Q) Are family members allowed to join?
    A) Of course; just try to alert the staff though to prevent potential confusion.

    Q) Are we allowed to make more than a single account for ourselves?
    A) Exlcuding for certain role plays or staff-sponsored activities or games, absolutely not.

    Q) Are there any rules regarding swearing?
    A) We ask that you don't go overboard, but no, we have no rules regarding swearing in general.

    Q) What about in usernames?
    A) Usernames are the exception. We ask that you don't use any inappropriate words or phrases in your usernames.

    Q) I can't change my username...
    A) After changing your name, you'll have to wait a while before reacquiring the option to change it again.

    Q) I have the option to change usernames, but it's not letting me change back to an old one.
    A) That's part of the forum software. An admin may or may not change it back for you.

    Q) How do I delete my account?
    A) You can't delete your account and we won't delete your account for you. If you request it, we'll temporarily ban you, though.
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