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    Default BMGf: A New User's Guide

    Hello, and welcome to Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden's Forums, or BMGf! This is a Pokémon-based community where you can discuss Pokémon-related subjects, among other things.

    Before you do anything, it's heavily recommended that you take a look at the community rules. Breaking the rules leads to warnings and infractions, which in turn can ban you from the forums. Afterwards, why not create a thread right here, in the Garden Grotto, to introduce yourself to the community? It's the easiest way to make new friends and familiarize yourself to the posting style of the forum.

    From here on out... everything else is fair game.

    Confused? Don't be shy! Ask questions at the Help Desk, or feel free to contact a moderator, super moderator, or administrator to discuss any issues in private. You can find a list of the staff here.

    The Hitchhiker's Guide on BMGf provides a lot of in-depth detail and advice on the various different parts of the forum, all in the perspective of one of our own members. Meanwhile, our guide on Proper Posting Etiquette shares some tips on making contributory comments and posts.

    Click the report button to report a post that you feel breaks the community rules - don't try to address it yourself. Edit your posts if you wish to add more content to them, and please don't post consecutively. And finally, remember that there are various limits imposed on signatures, so get your signature checked here.

    Thank you for joining our community - we hope you stick around and have a great time!
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