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    Default Basic Forum Functions

    How to Quote:
    In order to Quote a post, click the "Reply With Quote" button located at the bottom of the post in question, between the "Reply" and "Multi-Quote" buttons. The user who made the original post will receive a Notification.
    Additionally, you can Copy/Paste the text in the original post and wrap it in [QUOTE] Tags. Quoting posts in this manner will not send a Notification to the quoted user.

    How to Multi-Quote:
    When Multi-Quoting, click the "Multi-Quote" Button located to the right of the "Reply" and "Reply With Quote" Buttons on every post you wish to quote. Click "Reply With Quote" on any of the selected posts when you have selected all the posts you wish to quote. Please note that the "Multi-Quote" Button is not labeled.

    How to Mention:
    Mention another User by using the Mention Tags, or by simply putting the "@" symbol in front of their username:
    [MENTION=41665]Arc Blader[/MENTION]
    In order for the Mention to work, you must enter both a) the name of the User you want to mention (between the Tags), and b) the number of the User you wish to Mention. The User's Number can be seen in their Profile URL, after ""
    EXAMPLE: Typing this: [MENTION=41665]Arc Blader[/MENTION]
    Will result in this: @Arc Blader
    Mentioning a User will send them a Notification.

    How to Edit a Post:
    In order to Edit one of your Posts, click the "Edit Post" Button located to the left of the "Reply" Button. From there, you will be free to Edit your post however you like. Clicking "Go Advanced" will bring up more options. If you so choose, you may give the reason for Editing your post in the box labeled "Reason for Editing".

    How to Delete a Post:
    Click the "Edit Post" button. The "Delete" button should appear between the "Go Advanced" and "Cancel" Buttons. As with Editing a Post, you may (but are not required to) leave a reason for deleting your Post.

    How to Add a Poll:
    When creating a new Thread, a window labeled "Additional Options" can be found beneath the box in which you out the contents of your post. Check the box under "Post a Poll", and enter the number of options you want into the box below that. When you are done, click "Submit New Thread". You should be taken to a screen where you can enter the Options for your Poll, make your Poll either multiple or single choice, make the vote public, create a Timeout date for the Poll, and/or enter a Poll Question. Note that your Poll will not be accepted without a Poll Question. Additionally, you can change the number of Options for the Poll by changing the number in the "Number of Poll Options" box and clicking the "Update Options" button.


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