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Thread: April Fools Day joke

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    Default April Fools Day joke

    Last year for April Fools day Bulbagarden had a joke where everyone pretended it was 1998. It was fun (although annoying....), and I had an idea for another joke this year.

    The idea is that we would parody other members. What I mean by this is do a temporary username change to make your name similar (but not identical) to another users name (preferably with their permission).

    Here's an example:

    Original username: Neosquid
    Original usertitle: Derp~!
    Avatar: Something with Stunfisk
    Signature: Has a banner of Stunfisk

    But for April Fools day 2012, I would change this to:

    Parody victim target: @TheMysteryno.

    Hehehehe, you're my example subject.

    Joke username: TheMysteryMeat.
    Joke usertitle: Don't eat me. (Somewhat lame, but whatever. Just an example)
    Joke Avatar: A funny Missingno avatar
    Joke Signature: A banner with Missingno and a steak in it. The signature format is also copied from said user.

    Anything is possible, really, this is just one example. This is just meant to be a funny thing.

    I know this would make everything very confusing, and there would be a lot of username changes that would only last that day....but last years April Fools joke was confusing too to an extent, and the username changes should be manageable.


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    Default Re: April Fools Day joke

    Nice concept, but would it be practical? It'll also require a few days ahead of preparation getting the permission of the person you're going to impersonate and all that stuff. And what about the 14 day limit between username changes?
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    Default Re: April Fools Day joke

    Eeeh, I don't really like this idea much at all. It's too...exclusive, especially to those who don't have many friends here or are just starting out and aren't familiar with all the members of the board.

    Plus, wasn't it said somewhere that name changes were part of the reason why the servers got wonky sometimes? The less name changing going on, the better.

    Also, this is open for soooo much abuse, I can already see it. For instance, if a person had a bad track record with another person, this would give them an opportunity to be extremely passive aggressive in their parody of them.

    Definite no.
    ...aren't April Fool's day pranks supposed to be a surprise anyways?
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    Default Re: April Fools Day joke

    While we're grateful for the suggestion, as CommanderPigg has said its very open to abuse and some may take offence to their paroadies. Ideally it would be best not to parody a user at all around the site due to that concern. Thus, we won't be accepting this idea (plus we usually keep our April Fools jokes a secret until the day).
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