Appeal Moderator Actions, Warnings and Infractions?

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Thread: Appeal Moderator Actions, Warnings and Infractions?

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    Default Appeal Moderator Actions, Warnings and Infractions?

    If a user receives a warning or an infraction that they feel is unjustified or feel that an action taken by a moderator such as editing, deleting or moving their post/thread was unfair, there are several options available to them to appeal the decision and try to get it reversed. Of course, a user has to have legitimate reasons to feel that the post or message they were infracted for did not break the rules and/or that they were wrongfully infracted before engaging in these procedures.

    The first step is always for users to contact via private message the moderator who issued the infraction or that section's head and explain the reasons why they feel the infraction was unjustified, since the infraction could simply be due to a misunderstanding. The moderator or the section head will contact the user privately and either reverse the warning/infraction or explain more in the detail why the infraction was given and why it should stand.

    After communicating with the moderator in question, if the user still feels that their post did not break the rules, they should file this form and the complaint will be handled by the appropriate people. Anyone can appeal, both the victim of the action, and anyone, user or staff who happen to see it happening. Users can appeal any use by a moderator of his moderator power, or their behavior (harassment, flaming), but appeals can only be made about event that have happened. Hypothetical complaints will not be received.

    If the infraction resulted in a ban, users will not be able to contact moderators via private message. In this situation, they should direct their appeal to musashi @, the Head Administrator's email. Their appeal will then be relayed to the appropriate moderators. Any action that's found to be against the rule will be reversed; and rules that are unfair will also be removed.
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