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Thread: Additional Friend Codes (IMPLEMENTED)

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    Default Additional Friend Codes (IMPLEMENTED)

    It's only a small thing, but I haven't seen it suggested, so I might as well try.

    The Edit Profile section of the Settings is great, you're able to change everything and add Friend Codes for games, but, and I'm not sure why, there is nowhere to include a 3DS Friend Code for anybody that has one, and I don't see why not. The Wii has its own section for Friend Codes, so why shouldn't the 3DS? I've seen a couple of Blog entries asking people for their 3DS Friend Codes, and there is a thread in the Nintendo 3DS Owners Social Group, but having somewhere on your profile to have it would be a lot easier for anybody looking for them, wouldn't it?

    If there is a genuine reason as to why this isn't in place, then maybe the Wii Friend Codes box in that section could simply be renamed to "Console Friend Codes", or something of that ilk.

    Sorry for this being a tiny thing - I'm not an imaginative person.

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    This is a good idea. I don't know how many people will actually utilize the feature, but with due time (and more people acquiring a 3DS), this should become helpful. It's not the most important thing, but I don't think it'll be complicated to implement. Feel free to correct me on that one.
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    Default re: Additional Friend Codes (IMPLEMENTED)

    There's no reason why we can't add that. In fact....I'll go add that later today, shouldn't be too difficult.
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