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Thread: Venusaur vs Sceptile

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    I'm so torn!

    While Venusaur is my favourite grass starter, Sceptile is a close second and would definitely win in a fight thanks to Flying Gem Acrobatics and superior speed! I can't choose. :P

    Starters of choice.
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    Default Re: Venusaur vs Sceptile

    Venusaur. It has the bro-factor!
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    Default Re: Venusaur vs Sceptile

    Sceptile. While Torterra is my No. 1 choice, Sceptile really does its job well. It's fast, hits hard, and has an awesome design. Plus it has a diverse movepool, and a signature (or at least had) attack: Leaf Blade. In both games and anime, Sceptile really knows how to move and dish out the hurt. While it's as frail as a Christmas tree ornament, it still makes up for it with awesome speed and vicious attacks. While it probably won't be able to outdo Venasaur in terms of competitive play, but I'm not for competitive play, so I still think Sceptile wins. Besides, you don't see too many speedy Grass-types, so that's a nice perk. While I do prefer bulk and defenses, I'd still pick a Sceptile over Venasaur.
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