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  • Snivy , the Smug Grass snake (Smugleaf meme :Sorry Mudkip , Grass beats Water , U MAD?)

    34 43.04%
  • Mudkip , the Water Mud fish (Mudkipz meme: I herd u liek mudipz)

    40 50.63%
  • Neither , they'll just take over the internet.

    5 6.33%
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Thread: Snivy vs Mudkip

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    Default Re: Snivy vs Mudkip

    Quote Originally Posted by Envoy View Post
    BST doesn't matter. It's Base stat distribution (as well as movepool and ability) that counts. Just look at Scizor, Aerodactyl, Breloom, Roserade and Bronzong for examples of excellent (OU as of gen 4) Pokemon with a lower BST than any of the Starters.

    Fact is that Serperior's distribution leaves a lot to be desired whereas Swampert's is top notch. Similarly, Serperior's movepool is downright awful where Swampert's is excellent for what it wants to do. The flipside is that Serperior's ability is fantastic while Swampert's is...mediocre. This doesn't offset the fact that Swampert has more pros than cons and certainly more pros than Serperior.

    Yes, Serperior has Glare over other Leech Seeders, but other leech seeders have Sleep Powder/Spore, Sludge Bomb/X-Scissor/Air Slash... you get the point. Glare is a fantastic boon, and in combination with Contrary it makes Serperior a top notch Seeder, but it still faces competition from Venusaur (better typing, Sleep Powder, better Sp. Def, Sludge Bomb) and Sceptile (faster, better offensive stats, X-Scissor.) Even Meganium is technically bulkier than Serperior (in my opinion, the two are neck and neck in usefulness. This, from me, is a compliment because I really love Meganium and think she's much more useful than most people give her credit for.) I'm not even going to get started on the other, non-starter, seeders because I could be here all night and that's bordering on off-topic.

    Suffice it to say that Serperior is a great niche Pokemon, but outside of fullfilling its particular niches, there's always a better Grass type out there.

    The same cannot be said for Swampert, who is clearly the best Water Starter, the best Water/Ground (due to considerably higher HP/Defense/Attack than the others, all of whom attempt to emulate his stat distribution but do so less effectively,) an excellent lead with Stealth Rock, has a great type combination that provides it with two strong STAB attacks and only one weakness (to a type that is, sadly, not often seen.) It is enough of a threat that some people will place a Grass type attack on their Pokemon for the sole purpose of countering Swampert. That's a testament on how strong it really is.

    Personally though, I think Swampert looks quite stupid while Serperior is the very embodiment of badass (along with all the other Grass Starters) so I'll choose Serperior over Swampert any day, even in competition.
    Yeah , Scizor's BST is lower than all starters , but he is great anyway.

    Sadly but true , Serperior has a shallow moveset and the fact that she(along with Samurott) can't learn Earthquake like the other starters(Swampert and Torterra learn it by level up) can , therefore adding insult to injury(good job gamefreak >_<) . All I can hope is that she gets a moveset upgrade in the future ...

    Typing-wise , Swampert wins since he only has one weakness and Serperior is a pure-type like Sceptile and Meganium.

    Hidden ability , Serperior wins , because her ability is beneficial , unlike Swampert's Damp , which is useless , especially with the nerfed Self-Destruct and Explosion ..

    I prefer Serperior's design to Swampert's ... Serperior looks much better , another reason why I prefer Snivy to Mudkip .

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    Default Re: Snivy vs Mudkip

    Who looks best?
    Who has the better internet meme?
    Mudkip (classic)
    Who is more awesome?
    Who is your favorite?

    Plus I can always confuse my Internet meme knowing friend with Smugleaf lol

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    Default Re: Snivy vs Mudkip

    Who looks best? Snivy

    Who has the better internet meme? Mudkip

    Who is more awesome? Snivy

    Who is your favorite? Snivy

    Smuggy wins this round. U mad?
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    Default Re: Snivy vs Mudkip

    Mine is:
    If Snivy:
    For Year of the Snake in Chinese Zodiac (2013's coming so Snivy could resembles Year of the Snake of Gen V). Design's good (looks better than Mudkip), and can be considered a mortal enemy to Tepig. Solid Snake of Pokémon (due to Oshawott's name sounds like Ocelot) if Metal Gear series got references to Pokémon franchise.

    If Mudkip:
    Mudkip does better than Snivy in terms of their evo's typing (Marshtomp and Swampert are part Water/Ground-type but Servine and Serperior are pure Grass-type, sadly because Snivy evo lines doesn't gain Poison-type, a trait for snake-based Pokémon like Ekans/Arbok and Seviper).

    My preferrences:
    *I prefer starter Pokémon that gains secondary type when evolves, instead of entirely single-type Pokémon throughout evolutions. (Mudkip wins this)
    *I like all Pokémon generations especially Gen III and V. (Draw)
    *I like blue colors most. (Mudkip wins this)
    *Generation V does better than some past generations. (Snivy wins this)
    *All Gen V starters can breed together. (Snivy wins this)

    Mudkip is technically the best water-type starter Pokémon (looks like a futuristic mecha/fish/ninja whatchamacallits thing), while Snivy does best among Grass-type starter Pokémon (better than Treecko, which looks like Yoshi of Mario series), in terms of design.

    Result: Draw.

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