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Thread: Sceptile vs Torterra

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    Default Re: Sceptile vs Torterra

    sceptile' it is faster it can also use its grass moves and they would be normal effect

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    Default Re: Sceptile vs Torterra

    Quote Originally Posted by Zevenn View Post
    Sceptile. all the way. Max EV's in S.Atk, choice specs, Solarbeam. Death to Torterra
    Uh, no. Just no.

    Leaf Storm

    Doing some calculations and the results are:

    Sceptile's Leafstorm boosted by Choice Specs does 59.9% - 70.6% damage on most Special Defensive Torterra. The Second Leaf Storm does 29.9% - 35.5%. This is enough for 2HKO most of the time.

    The Same Sceptile's Leaf Storm does 102.1% - 120.2% damage on a Torterra which is pure attacker. A gauranteed 1HKO. Always.

    Physical attacking Torterra's Choice Band boosted Stone Edge does 80.1% - 94.3% on the same Sceptile as above. This means this Torterra will never beat Sceptile.

    The Special Defensive Variant can only manage a 3HKO with its Stone Edge doing 39% - 46.1% damage on our Sceptile.

    The Bottom result is that no Torterra can beat even the least defensive Sceptile(The Choice Specs Variant) which means that Sceptile will always come out on top.
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