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    Use this thread to discuss which one is better, Sableye or Spiritomb?

    You can use anything as a base, such as design,use,etc.

    And a few facts you should know / remember,
    Spiritomb is the harder to get from the two, being only available in DPPt (via a quest that requires Wi-Fi and underground interaction) and in the DW, while Sableye can be caught on 5 games.
    Sableye is also lighter than Spiritomb, who, on the other hand has higher stats than Sableye.
    Sableye is based on a goblin that supposedly terrorized a german village called Hopskin, while Spiritomb is based on (a) human(s) that couldn't resist the (108) temptations and evil spirits to reach nirvana and were bound to a rock (hence the big connection to the number 108 to this Pokemon)

    So, discuss.

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    Default Re: Sableye X Spiritomb

    Sorry, this contest already exists: Spiritomb vs Sableye

    In future you can check in the Contest Hall index to see if a contest already exists.


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