REGION FEUD: Quarter-finals: Kanto VS Unova!

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Thread: REGION FEUD: Quarter-finals: Kanto VS Unova!

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    Default REGION FEUD: Quarter-finals: Kanto VS Unova!

    Debating which region is the best, here we have Kanto vs Unova. I specially paired each of these regions so they would have formidable opponents. Once you vote on each quarter-final, a semi-final will be created, then the winner of the semi-final will be battling against the unused quarter-final winner. This match, the final, will declare the Bulbagarden unofficial opinion! I will check back on each match on May 14, 2014. May the best region win!

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    Default Re: REGION FEUD: Quarter-finals: Kanto VS Unova!

    Unova just felt so artificial to me. I love all other regions, but not Unova. I especially hated the evil team.
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    Default Re: REGION FEUD: Quarter-finals: Kanto VS Unova!

    Kanto is so good. Unova is pretty bad actually, Numbasa and Opelucid are the only places where the routes actually split. I like regions where it isn't obvious which way you have to go. You can go down a route and find it blocked in most other regions, have to backtrack and choose a different route (Jubilife City for example). Unova lacks this (in Black and White at least, I haven't played BW2 yet), and suffers.
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    Default Re: REGION FEUD: Quarter-finals: Kanto VS Unova!

    Unova is my favorite region of all time. The geographical diversity of the region is impressive. Each cities and towns has an interesting personality and soul in them. They didn't felt repetitive to me as oppose to Kanto's or even Kalos'.
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