Lumiose City Cafés

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  • Cafe Action!

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  • Cafe Bataille

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  • Cafe Classe

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  • Cafe Cyclone

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  • Cafe Gallant

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  • Cafe Introversion

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  • Lysandre Cafe

    3 60.00%
  • Cafe Kizuna

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  • Cafe Pokemon-Amie

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  • Cafe Rouleau

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  • Shutterbug Cafe

    1 20.00%
  • Cafe Soleil

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  • Cafe Triste

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  • Cafe Ultimo

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  • Cafe Woof

    1 20.00%
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Thread: Lumiose City Cafés

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    Default Lumiose City Cafés

    If Lumiose City is known for one thing (besides its landmark), it's that they have more Cafes than we have Starbucks. But do you have a favorite?

    The rundown:
    • Cafe Action - A blue cafe on North Boulevard. People here talk about Trainer PR videos.
    • Cafe Bataille - A green cafe on North Boulevard. Black Belts talk about Pokemon battles; a Diggersby and Lucario also hang out here.
    • Cafe Classe - A blue cafe along Vernal Avenue. They talk about fashion here. Which is why Youngsters like to wear shorts, you know!
    • Cafe Cyclone - A green cafe nestled near Vert Plaza. Would you like to give a tip?
    • Cafe Gallant - A red cafe on Estival Avenue. There's apparently a lot of people trying out to be its new manager.
    • Cafe Introversion - A red cafe on South Boulevard. People talk about the wireless features of Pokemon XY here.
    • Cafe Kizuna - A red cafe on Hibernal Avenue with some abstract questions about Pokemon.
    • Lysandre Cafe - A blazing red cafe between Magenta Plaza and Autumnal Avenue.
    • Cafe Pokemon-Amie - A red cafe on Autumnal Avenue run by kids who talk about Pokemon-Amie.
    • Shutterbug Cafe - Long or short? What? A green cafe on South Boulevard where people talk about photography.
    • Cafe Rouleau - A green cafe on Estival Avenue where people talk about roller skating. A Lucario also hangs out here.
    • Cafe Soleil - A red cafe on South Boulevard. Movie star/champion Diantha can be seen here sometimes.
    • Cafe Triste - A red cafe on North Boulevard. Not much happens here, but business starts picking up in the postgame.
    • Cafe Ultimo - A red cafe on North Boulevard. People talk about Super Training here.
    • Cafe Woof - A red cafe along Vernal Avenue where they talk about Furfou and nothing but Furfrou.
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    Default Re: Lumiose City Cafés

    Shutterbug Cafe, only because of the line the one guy says. Cracked me up so hard the first time I heard it.
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    Default Re: Lumiose City Cafés

    Shutterbug cafe.
    Because shutterBUG cafe :3 Also I love the wide lens. And if you ask me Viola should visit there.
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    Default Re: Lumiose City Cafés

    Lysandre Café. 'Cause red's my favorite color.


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