Delcatty sucks. It has one of the worst stat distributions of any fully evolved pokemon. It's just horrible. The only thing it gets which is noteworthy is Normalize, and that's only noteworhty because no other pokemon gets it (not because it's good). Its movepool is decent for a support poke though, but it just doesn't have the stats to be of any use (there's so much other stuff that can do its job better because they are bulkier, or faster, or both, etc you get the point). Its design is OK, though. I mean, it is cute.

On the other hand, Lopunny. Lopunny is cool. It can be really annoying with all of its support moves, and it has decent stats, unlike Delcatty. Barring Wish, I think Lopunny gets all the moves Delcatty does that are useful, and then some. Lopunny's design is... alright. Sometimes I think it looks really odd, but other times it looks cute. I'm 50/50 whether I like it or not.

Delcatty is truly awful, imo. I'm going with Lopunny all the way.