Lilligant vs. Whimsicott

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Thread: Lilligant vs. Whimsicott

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    Default Lilligant vs. Whimsicott

    Which one is more cuter, better looking, or useful (your own taste), Whimsicott or Lilligant? (or both)

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    Default Re: Lilligant vs. Whimsicott

    Which one is cuter? Whimsicott, hands down. I am sure the concept of cuteness was created after looking at Whimsicott. Better looking? Once again, I will go with Whimsicott, I never thought a Pokémon supposedly based on Vegetable Lamb of Tartary could look so good and cute. As of usefulness, well, the little elf isn't very useful for in-game purposes, but isn't it a goddess among the annoyers? I am sure it is pretty useful, but since I play only in-game, I will go with Lilligant, she was the second strongest Pokémon in one of my teams. Sleep Powder + Quiver Dance + Energy Ball = Win.


    Cuteness appeal: Whimsicott
    Appearance/Design: Whimsicott
    Usefulness: Lilligant

    I choose Whimsicott. It is pretty, useful and I love the concept Game Freak used to create it, but Lilligant ain't bad either. Grass-type ftw.


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