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Thread: Genesect vs Mewtwo

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    Default Re: Genosect vs Mewtwo

    Quote Originally Posted by Shai-Hulud View Post
    Great defensive stats?! What have you been smoking? Even with five more in each Defense, Mewtwo is bulkier thanks to having twenty-five more base stat points in HP. And Genosect's 71/95/95 aren't anywhere near what would be considered great defensive stats by Uber or OU standards. Those would be a somewhat-bulky sweeper's defenses. And with a much higher Speed, it'll rape Genosect with Flamethrower before the laser-bug can react. Even without TMs Mewtwo has Aura Sphere which can most likely at the worst 2HKO Geno, and Download would boost Geno's Attack (due to Mewtwo's defenses being equal), which has very poor moves. Only one useful that it learns by level up is X-Scissor, which for wild Pokemon, would've been forgotten by level 100. Worst it could do is use the harmless Simple Beam, the heavily innacurate Zap Cannon, the heavily drawbacked Hyper Beam, or Selfdestruct, which would technically KO itself before Mewtwo.

    That ended up being way longer than I expected. Though I think my vote is obvious.

    Well asshole You forget 95 is a good Defese stat Mewtwo's is only 90 in both So Genusekuto's defense is 5 points higher plus he reists Mewtwo's Psychic attacks and does supereffective damage

    Genusekuto also has access to Bug-Buzz and X-Scizor both are good Bug moves for and are super-effective against Mewtwo and Aura-Sphere does regular damage and Psychic moves are useless against Genusekuto

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    Default Re: Genosect vs Mewtwo

    Persistent, aren't you? He mentioned the 95 Defense and Sp. Defense, with the mention of the "71/95/95" distribution.

    Without TMs, Mewtwo might lose to an X-Scissor, there's no denying that. But with TMs, Genosekuto's just flat-out doomed.
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