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Thread: Drapion v. Toxicroak

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    Default Drapion v. Toxicroak

    While waiting for ORAS to come out, I'm replaying through Black 2 and wanted to get an opinion from the masses on which Poison/secondary type to use long-term between Drapion and Toxicroak.

    Which Pokemon do you prefer and why?

    As a reminder, Drapion's secondary type is Dark and Toxicroak is Poison/Fighting.

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    Default Re: Drapion v. Toxicroak

    Toxicroak definitely. It's one of my favorite Pokémon and probably my favorite poison-type. First off, I love its badass design, especially the giant claw on its hand. Second it's pretty nostalgic to me. Since Pearl was my first game I pretty much didn't know anything about team building so I'd just catch Pokémon and level them up and then not even end up using them on my team because they were too weak. Well, one that I kept the longest was a Croagunk I randomly caught one day in the Marsh and I eventually used for so long that she evolved. This made me so happy since all my other random catches always fainted, never leveled up, and I ended up ditching them. (Cuz again, I was a sucky player at this time:) Ironically she also never made it on my permanent team, but yeah, I have fond memories with Toxicroak.

    After beating the game I also did raise a Skorupi to a Drapion, but I never liked it as much. I do like its design though, but Toxicroak's is much better imo. So long story short, I prefer Toxicroak.

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    Default Re: Drapion v. Toxicroak

    I think I'll go with Toxicroak~ Neither ever really made that big of an impression on me and I've haven't had the chance to use either in game or via Wi-Fi battling, but I do prefer Toxicroak's design a little more. Drapion looks cool, too, but I've always been more fond of the Croagunk line.

    I also have bad memories of Aaron's Drapion that may be influencing my decision...

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    Default Re: Drapion v. Toxicroak

    Honestly, it depends on what part of the game you're on. Skorupi can't do much on it's own, but if you can easily get it to be a Drapion, then it's pretty good. It never hits quite as hard as you expect it to, but it has nice Speed and Defense, as well as only 1 weakness to ground

    I've never used a Toxicroak myself, but it looks to be a lot more offensive, and I think it gets Drain Punch via move tutor.


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