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Thread: Darkrai vs Rayquaza

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    Default Darkrai vs Rayquaza

    Just wondering because Rayquaza is quite popular in these forums. But so it Darkrai. I'd like to see what you guys think. So who do you guys think will win in a battle?

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    Default Re: Darkrai vs Rayquaza

    It would be an interesting battle. Darkrai would pull out some Dark void stuff while rayquaza just hits hard with hyper beams and such. I say Rayquaza because gen III.

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    Default Re: Darkrai vs Rayquaza

    In an actual battle, it would depend on held items, damage fluctuation, sets, accuracy, and crits. But honestly, Darkrai would most likely win. In the anime, I see Darkrai winning because the anime really, really, really likes Darkrai. Rayquaza didn't get too much love in the anime. But if we're choosing victors over who I personally like the most, Rayquaza wins.

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    No doubt about it. I like Rayquaza more. It just seems more powerful in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Darkrai vs Rayquaza

    I like Rayquaza much more than Darkrai. In RSE I was using it a lot after capturing and trading it to the other two games. Its Air Lock Ability was very useful when I had to deal with weather battles on the various routes.

    I do like Darkrai, but just not as much.

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    Default Re: Darkrai vs Rayquaza

    Darkrai. Better backstory, better design (IMO).

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